CoHo BC: Collaborative Home Ownership and Development Initiative

Collaborative Home ownership: Build Community, Know your neighbours, get more for your money


Find resources on how to buy, build, finance and structure a co-purchase. Meet potential partners with similar interests and complimentary housing needs to buy or build a home with. 


Aging and looking for a younger co-owner allowing you to downsize in place? Divorced and wanted to minimize the impact on children? Liquefy some of your assets without having to move? 


Looking to break into the Vancouver real estate investment market but find the entry point too high? Team up to afford that rental property you always dreamed of.



October 26, 2019 1:30pm - Co-ownership Open House Tour

Tour a variety of potential co-ownership properties such as Vancouver Specials, properties with laneway houses, plus shared ownership properties currently on the market looking for a new co-owner. Meeting location: Somewhere in East Vancouver TBD. Register here for more details.

November 10, 2019 4pm - CoHo BC Info Session & Mixer

Learn about collaborative home ownership opportunities and challenges. Meet others interested in this form of housing, consult with experts, and have fun! Location: Caffe Artigiano on Main Street @ 24th Ave. Register for the event here or  contact CoHo BC for details about these or any other upcoming events.


What is collaborative or co-ownership?

Collaborative ownership simple refers to multiple people sharing ownership over a single piece of land.  This is not a new phenomenon, as couples, families and even strangers have been co-owning land for centuries.  In recent centuries, legal stratification was created to allow co-owners to more simply share ownership of a building and has become central to land ownership as it has allowed people to own parcels of a property and lowered the entry barrier to home ownership. Unfortunately, stratification is not permissible on all properties and as such collaborative non-strata is making a comeback.

What is CoHo BC?

* An alternative real estate consulting, marketing and sales team specializing in collaborative ownership models.

* A portal for information and legal, real estate and development services to assist in your collaborative project.

* Matchmaking services for homeowners, buyers and sellers to find partner(s) whom they trust and have complimentary housing needs.


Small Scale Collaborative Housing

It's more common than you think.

20% of Canadians would buy a home with a relative, 11% would buy with a friend or business partner, 2% would buy with a complete stranger!                                   April 11, 2016




"I didn't think I could afford to own property in Vancouver.  But thanks to working collaboratively and the dedication of Noam Dolgin, we own a great East Vancouver property."

Steve, Investor

"Turns out owning a detached home in Vancouver is not as out of reach as I had thought. I just needed to think outside the box and enlist the help of a great team of creative professional."

Jason, Buyer