What is CoHo BC?


Coho BC is...

* An initiative to support, encourage and simplify collaborative ownership of property in BC.

* A portal for information, and legal, real estate and development services to assist in your collaborative project.

* Matchmaking services for homeowners, buyers and sellers to find partner(s) whom they trust and have complimentary housing needs.

* An alternative real estate consulting, marketing and sales team specializing in collaborative ownership models.

why a collaborative housing initiative?

Collaboration and co-ownership have a long history in real estate and are making a comeback in BC today because of their many potential advantages. These include building community, saving money, creating more and new housing options, maximizing the potential of a piece of land, sharing resources and responsibility and much more. Many Canadians are starting to see these advantages, in fact a 2016 RBC Ipsos poll shows 20% of Canadians polled indicated that they would buy a home with a relative, 11% would buy with a friend or business partner and 2% would buy with a complete stranger!

Ipsos.com April 11, 2016

Ipsos.com April 11, 2016








Please review or FAQs and How CoHo works for more information.