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Noam Dolgin, SUtton west coast realty - REAL ESTATE Services

Noam Dolgin is a local Realtor who helps clients navigate Vancouver's tough housing market. Before entering Real Estate, Noam worked for more than 15 years in community development, environmental education and consulting, and uses this expertise to assist clients in making social, economical and environmental sustainability a central component of their housing choices. Noam is known to think outside the box and as such has been working with collaborative property purchasers since his first days in Real Estate


lisa niro, bell alliance - Legal services

Bell Alliance is one of Vancouver's leading and most innovative real estate law firms, push the boundaries and embrace new technologies.  Lisa Niro and Bell Alliance has been a trailblazers in the field of collaborative home purchase, with more experience than anyone navigating the complexities of collaborative purchase and the development of partnership agreements.  For every purchase transaction, Bell donates a portion of their fees to World Housing, a non-profit organization that builds communities in vulnerable areas on a global scale.

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 Ryan McKinley, Vancity credit union - Financing

Vancity Credit Union is a local, values based financial cooperative service the needs of more than 525,000 member-owners in Metro Vancouver, Victoria and the Fraser Valley.  Vancity continues to innovate new programs to serve the needs of their member-owners, including with the 'Mixer Mortgage" specifically designed for co-ownership situations.  Meet with Ryan or your Vancity mortgage specialist for help financing your collaborative purchase.

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Smallworks is Vancouver's premiere designer of laneway homes. Integral in lobbying the city to adopt the laneway bylaw, the company's founder, Jake Fry, has now overseen more than 175 successful laneway house projects, in every neighbourhood in Vancouver. Accolades including the Georgies, the Ovations, and even an Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst and Young, Jake and Smallworks have solidified a place as the most trusted solution Vancouver families' small housing needs.

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Valerie lev Dolgin M.a. R.c.c. - Counsellour / Partner Support

Valerie is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Masters in Counselling Psychology, with more than 10 years experience helping individuals, couples and families face all kinds of challenges.  Finding the right housing partner is a lot like dating and marriage.  Choosing to take advantage of Valerie's expertise in communication and mediation  can go a long way to eliminating problems down the road.  And, if those problems do arise, it's good to have a neutral third party who understands the unique challenges you will be facing.